Research for Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach

The research I did for Manhattan Beach was conducted online and through a number of personal visits to libraries and archives across Brooklyn and Manhattan, including: Brooklyn College Library & Archives, Columbia University, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive, Kingsborough Community College, New York Public Library, New York Society Library and the Tenement Museum. 


Launch of the USS Missouri. 29 January, 1944. Retrieved from the Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive.

New York City Research



Eastern Airline Flight Timetable. 17 May 1937. Retrieved from Airline Timetable Images. Courtesy of Bjorn Larsson.

Eastern Airlines

A certain level of faith is required when shaking down a particular historical detail. Trusting that someone has archived the information you are looking for piece is the key to success. Eddie's trip to Miami comes directly from the pages of this vintage flight schedule.

"New Tank Streamlines Courses for Divers." The Shipworker. 7 Dec. 1942. Retrieved from the Brooklyn Navy Yard Archives.

Navy Yard Shipworker

As the former archivist at the Brooklyn Navy Yard I had a hand in preserving and making accessible one of its most valuable resources, its newspaper, the Shipworker. A lot of the details of Yard life can be found within its pagesThe full run  of the Shipworker (1941 - 1966) is available to visitors to the Brooklyn Navy Yard's museum, BLDG 92.